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(Coda Instructions) The CODA

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                            Del Segno: DS                                   The Coda:


In music notation there is an Al Segno instruction that indicates

the player should go to the  sign.



The Notation D.S. stands for "Del Segno" ( ).

Dal Segno (pronounced [ˈdalˌ ˈseˌɲo] or [ˈdalˌ ˈseˌnjo]  and is abbreviated D.S.

In English it is pronounced "Segno". This sign (marker) instructs a musician to

repeat a passage starting from the    (the Segno).


D.S. al Coda instructions to repeat back to the sign,  (the Segno) 

and then play to the (Al Coda) to coda   (Coda instructions)

then jump to the  Coda symbol and play to the end.


D.S. al Fine instructions to repeat back to the  Segno, and then play to the Fine.



 * * * * * * * * * * * *


Da capo:  to the top ‘From the head’: an instruction, often abbreviated D.C. 

Placed at the end of a piece to indicate a return to the beginning.



Da Capo al Fine (D.C. al Fine): Instructs the musician to

go to the beginning and play to the Fine.



Da Capo al coda (D.C. al Coda): repeat from beginning to an indicated place

(Coda instructions)  and then play the (the coda) , usually to the end. Fine.


The Al Segno and Coda can be thought of as separate parts within the music piece. The CODA D.S. al CodaInstructions direct the musicians to skip and repeat parts. This also saves writting space, compressing the witten parts with simple codes - al segno coda Fine.



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