the drum rudiments list



TITLE: The 40 Essential DRUM Rudiments - LISTED





1. The Long Roll
2. The Five Stroke Roll
3. The Seven Stroke Roll
4. The Flam
5. The Flam Accent
6. The Flam Paradiddle
7. The Flamacue
8. The Ruff
9. The Single Drag
10. The Double Drag
11. The Double Paradiddle
12. The Single Ratamacue
13. The Triple Ratamacue

The Double Stroke Roll

The Nine Stroke Roll
The Ten Stroke Roll
The Eleven Stroke Roll
The Thirteen Stroke Roll
The Fifteen Stroke Roll
The Flam Tap
The Single Paradiddle
The Drag Paradiddle #1
The Drag Paradiddle #2
The Flam Paradiddle-diddle
Lesson 25
The Double Ratamacue


* The Single Stroke Four
* The Single Stroke Seven
* The Multiple Bounce Roll
* The Triplet Stroke Roll
* The Six Stroke Roll
* The Seventeen Stroke Roll
* The Triplet Paradiddle
* The Single Paradiddle-Diddle
* The Single Flammed Mill
* The Pataflafla
* The Swiss Army Triplet
* The Inverted Flam Tap
* The Flam Drag
* The Single Dragadiddle


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